Run in dark waters

Will you survive in the hell of the depth ?

March 1971. The Cold War is in full swing.

Your team, secret agents undercovered in USSR for several months, is activated for a very important mission. The warship "Piotr The Great" has just left and is going to launch a nuclear weapon on Paris.
Only you have the skills to success in this mission by taking control of  the submarine K74 and chase the Piot The Great ship to torpedo it !

Will you get to take control of the submarine ?
Will you resist the dangers of the North Sea ?
Will you complete your mission to the end ?



Difficulty Difficulty
Locks Locks
Handling Handling
Number of players Number of players
2 to 5 pers.
Modes Modes
Standard Expert Challenge



2 joueurs

2 joueurs
45 € / personne

3 players

3 players
32 € / person

4 Players

4 Players
28 € / person

5 Players

5 Players
24 € / person

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