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City Games or Escape Game for companies :

a unprecedented team building !

You would like to organize an original event with your co-workers ?

Make the choice of a drastic and instructive team building choosing MYSTERES DU LAC’s City Games and Escape Games, in the heart of dowtown Annecy ; some fun and suprising concepts that will federate your team !

Our games handle a real need for company : boosting the teamwork’s cohesion and improving the groupe’s communication. To reach success in its mission, each team will have to mobilize skills that are essential in the company’s life :

  • Communication : listening to one’s coworkers, understanding each-others and sharing informations
  • Cooperation : making one’s skills available for the team, realizing that group work exceed individual actions, agreeding on a strategy and respecting it.
  • Stress management : solving riddles and achieving the mission during the time available.

City Games and Escape Games for companies are not only promoting group work, they are also highlighting everyone own skills and they are turning diffenrence into strength. Some have innate sens of observation, an unbreakable logic, and others have some leader’s quality that will help the group to organize plans and strategy. This addition of all these human’s skills will enable the success of the group. City Games and Escape Game allow everyone to find one’s place and it is an opportunity to build some links or reinforce links that already exist.


Team building : Escape Game ou City Games ?

Let’s discover Annecy and enjoy the exceptionnal environment offered by the city in our City Games or immerse yourselves in an original universe with our Escape Room !


Up to 11 people, we offer uou the possibility to book both of our rooms at the same time. Board the Sumbarine K47 to launch torpedoes on a opponent’s boat or go in search of the philosopher’s stone in the den of the great wizard Artephus.


If you and your team are more than eleven, the City Game is made for you ! Create up to 4 teams made from 2 to 9 players to solve the mystery of the Allobroges’ Secret !


2 players

2 players
45 € / person

3 players

3 players
35 € / person

4 players

4 players
30 € / person

5 players

5 players
27 € / person